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I just bought one and love the style!! I love how I can use my phone without pulling it out. A great gift for anyone!

L. Behrhorst

“I finally have a place to put my purse when I walk my dog.<br> I love the new cell pocket purse.”

Annette Kunzeman

“I bought the purse for my daughter but ended up getting one too for myself.  We both love our purses and now use them instead of our bigger bags. Very Convenient!”

J. Landreth

So far, I have purchased two purses from STG, one green for casual use and one silver for dressy occasions. I always receive comments on them when I text or receive calls without removing my phone from my purse! I now can take my phone anywhere and not worry about losing it or having it fall out! I even take it horse back riding and 4-wheeling! Great products!!

B. Smith

Perfect for a quick trip to the store or it with friends. Love the little pocket for cards and cash. See through back works really well for using my phone too!!!! I have received a ton of compliments on this purse.

K. Holcomb

Product Benefits

One out of five people have dropped their cell phone into the toilet! (Plaxo Survey)

No more putting your phone down in a gross bathroom stall.
Now you can securely look at your phone wherever you are...without worrying about germs or dropping your phone in the toilet!

Stop losing your expensive cell phone...

Do you ever go into a room and wonder where you left your phone? 
Have you left it at a grocery store, shop or ball game? 
Won’t happen again with the new cell pocket purse.

You never have to stick your phone in your bra or those tight pockets in skinny jeans!

No more bending and it falling out!

No more ruining the lines of a great  silhouette!

No more stuffing your phone into a small pocket/bra or wherever you can find a spot.

Message from our Founder

Tami Lange, sister-in-law to two breast cancer survivors and mother of 5, was concerned about women having a safe, secure, yet convenient place to keep their mobile phones.

Tiny pockets and bras are not the best solution!

Phones seem to be everywhere except in a purse. Dropped in toilets, lost, smashed, and washed phones are the result.  

She decided it was time to make a difference.  

After researching options, she developed a stylish purse with a touch screen in back.
These new purses allow the wearer to perform normal smartphone functions while the phone is safely secured in the purse. Tami researched factories capable of producing her product and flew to Asia to develop her own line of touchscreen purses. The result is a product customized for American phones and sense of style.

Her brand is "Save the Girls," which reminds us all to keep our phones out of our bras and pockets to help protect us from radiation and mishaps. Now we can all enjoy the convenience of being connected to our family members and friends while our phone is safely secured in a stylish purse.  Enjoy yours today!

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