Disposable Face Masks (50 Pieces)

Brand: SaveTheGirls

Product Code: YY-1000M1

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  • High-quality breathable & comfortable mask: face mask is made with soft non-woven materials that makes it easier to breathe.
  • 3-Ply procedural masks for Multi-Layer protection: outer colored layer is the water-resistant layer to protects from splashing liquids and water droplets.
  • Safe to use: disposable face mask is made with a 3D efficient elastic design. The face mask has a metal nose bridge strip for a tight fit
  • Fast Shipping with excellent service: Ships from our Illinois facility

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"We all live with our phones now. It is how we communicate, find directions, watch movies and much more. But our clothing doesn't quite cooperate with our phone use. This is why the Cell Phone Touch Screen Purse is perfect for your busy and full lifestyle.

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Save the Girls is a purse company with a unique design which allows you to text, answer calls and other smartphone functions while still in your purse!

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